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How Do Rice Color Sorter Machines Work?

How Do Rice Color Sorter Machines Work?

Mar 05, 2024

Rice color sorter utilizes innovative technology to identify the characteristics of raw material going through its feeding hopper as part of a bulk processing line. First, the operator places the material into the hopper, where vibrations move it down the chute. Then, a pneumatic or mechanical ejection device separates the material based on size and quality, ejecting defective material.

Next, the selected material slides into a sorting chamber where a high-speed CCD chip performs precise, high-definition imaging to form a video signal output and display to complete the sorting based on color differences. These machines identify and eliminate defective, imperfect, and diseased elements based on health requirements and the strictest food hygiene standards. Because it have a photoelectric box.We also call it optical color sorter.

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